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Dvořák - Rusalka (Prague National Theatre - Zdenek Chalabala)

APE & MP3 + CUE + LOG | TT 148:51 | Artwork @ 300 dpi = 25 mb (pdf) or 46 mb (jpg)
APE = 633 mb | MP3 (lame --preset standard) = 207 mb
Recorded 1961 | Released 1995

"One of the greatest recordings of any Czech opera. Unforgettable."
1001 Classical Recordings You Must Hear Before You Die

"An excellent set."

Prague National Theatre Chorus and Orchestra - Zdenek Chalabala (cond.)

Milada Šubrtová (Rusalka, soprano)
Ivo Žídek (Prince, tenor)
Eduard Haken (Watersprite, bass)
Maie Ovcacíková (Ježibaba, contralto)
Alena Míková (Foreign Princess, mezzo-soprano)
Jirí Joran (Gamekeeper, baritone)
Ivana Mixová (Turnspit, soprano)

15 November to 2 December 1961, Domovina Studio, Prague

SUPRAPHON SU 0013-2 612

Track listing:
CD 1
1. Predehra
2. Hou hou
3. Hastrmanku, taticku
4. Sem casto prichazi
5. Mesicku na nebi hlubokem
6. Staleta moudrost tva
7. Cury mury fuk
8. Zde mihla se
9. Ustante v lovu, na hrad vratt se
10. Vim, ze jsi kouzlo, ktere mine
11. Jarku, jarku
12. Jiz tyden dlis mi po boku
13. Slavnostni hudba. Balet

CD 2
1. Cely svet neda ti, neda
2. Kvetiny bile po ceste
3. Rusalko, znas mne, znas
4. Vam v ocich divny zar se zraci
5. Necitelna vodni moci
6. Aj, aj? Uz jsi se navratila vcetne Jezibaba
7. Vyrvana zivotu
8. Ze se bojis? Tresky plesky
9. Mam zlate vlasky, mam
10. Bila moje lani
11. Milacku, znas mne, znas

Musicweb International
Is there any opera, apart from La Traviata, which sums up so completely in its opening bars as Rusalka everything the opera is about, and also sums up the whole being of its creator and all that we most love him for? (The question is a provocation, send in your lists).

After some distant mutterings in the lower strings there enters a melody that is the very epitome of unfulfilled longing. It seems to have been established by now that the source of this great sense of longing, which pervades so much of Dvorák’s most memorable pages, lay deep in his personal life. It has always been known that in his early youth, rejected in love, he wooed and later married the lady’s younger sister, apparently enjoying a happy domestic existence. It would appear, however, that he remained in love all his life with the original sister. Think of it: chained to a woman he did not love for the sole purpose of catching an occasional glimpse of her sister, unable to rock the domestic boat by ever saying anything. It is not surprising that he identified so deeply with the plight of the poor water-nymph who, having become a human being with all the aspirations and emotions which that involved, is compelled to stay mute.

And could this sense of deep longing be expressed more completely than it is under the baton of Zdenék Chalabala? (Example 1: CD1, track 1).

This was Supraphon’s second recording of Rusalka. The first, in mono, was made in the mid-1950s. Conducted by Jaroslav Krombholc. It had the same Watersprite as here, Eduard Haken, and Benno Blachut, most celebrated of all Czech tenors, as the Prince. The set disappeared from view after the issue of Chalabala’s recording and I have never heard it. Recent compilations dedicated to Blachut and Podvalová have drawn upon it.

The Chalabala set comes with a good essay in four languages, notes on the performers and, in a second booklet which I didn’t find till I had reached the second CD, is the libretto, also in four languages. The same translation has been doing yeoman’s service for both recordings over the last forty years; it’s a bit stilted (as my examples may have shown) but it’ll do. This is a recording which instilled in me a love for the opera which has so far not died; at this cheap price it will surely do the same for many new listeners.

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1001 Classical Recordings You Must Hear Before You Die
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"Angels Christmas With The Great Sopranos" 2008 год

Renee Fleming, Kiri Te Kanawa, Angela Gheorghiu, Joan Sutherland, Renata Tebaldi, Mirella Freni, Barbara Bonney, Sylvia McNair, Leontyne Price

Список композиций:
01 Ave Maria (Schubert) 00:04:22
02 Pie Jesu 00:03:49
03 Good King Wenceslas 00:03:03
04 Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht 00:04:48
05 Lullaby (Wiegenlied) 00:01:37
06 Ave Maria, piena di grazia 00:06:02
07 Laudate Dominum 00:04:58
08 I know that my Redeemer liveth 00:05:28
09 Hark! The herald angels sing 00:02:38
10 Jesu bleibet meine Freude 00:02:50
11 Let the bright seraphim 00:05:58
12 It came upon a midnight clear 00:02:51
13 Ave Maria (Mascagni) 00:03:22
14 Adeste Fideles (O come, all ye faithful) 00:03:15
15 Alleluia 00:02:32

Общее время: 00:57:33

Стиль: Classical
Вокал: Женский, хор
Язык: Английский, латинский, немецкий, итальянский
В архиве содержится информация для восстановления

Пароль: http://muzon.org/

Скачать - 60,00

Скачать - 45,09

источник- http://muzon.org/music/simfonia/opera/3678-va-angels-christmas-with-the-great-sopranos-2008.html


Domenico Scarlatti "Lettere amorose" 2003 год

Список композиций:

01 Piangete, occhi dolenti - Piangete, occhi dolenti 00:01:02
02 Piangete, occhi dolenti - Sono amante 00:06:39
03 Piangete, occhi dolenti - Lumi, non piu 00:01:05
04 Piangete, occhi dolenti - Messagier di questo foglio 00:04:56
05 Sonata in A (K208) - Andante e cantabile 00:03:50
06 Sonata in a (K532) - Allegro 00:04:12
07 Tinte a note di sangue - Tinte a note di sangue 00:00:50
08 Tinte a note di sangue - Tuo mi chiami 00:05:16
09 Tinte a note di sangue - Almen, se d'altro amante 00:00:42
10 Tinte a note di sangue - Se mi dirai 00:05:18
11 Sonata in f (K466) - Andante moderato 00:06:27
12 Sonata in Bes (K248) - Allegro 00:02:31
13 Sonata in Es (K508) - Allegro 00:05:06
14 Scritte con falso inganno - Scritte con falso inganno 00:00:47
15 Scritte con falso inganno - Che vuol dir 00:03:21
16 Scritte con falso inganno - Dimmi, lingua bugiarda 00:00:56
17 Scritte con falso inganno - Vorresti, si, vorresti 00:04:23
18 Sonata in D (K511) - Allegro 00:03:03
19 Sonata in D (K492) - Presto 00:04:16
20 Sonata in G (K412) - Allegro 00:03:10
21 Sonata in G (K521) - Allegro 00:04:02
22 L'Ottavia restituta al trono - Se l'alma non t'adore 00:03:11
23 Tolomeo et Alessandro - Addio, consorte amato 00:01:09
24 Tolomeo et Alessandro - Empia man ci divide 00:02:40

Общее время: 01:18:52
ogg, ~444 kbps, VBR, RAR - 270,77 МБ

Стиль: Cantate
Вокал: Женский
Язык: Итальянский
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Пароль: http://muzon.org/

Скачать - 100,00

Скачать - 100,00

Скачать - 70,77

источник- http://muzon.org/music/simfonia/opera/2977-domenico-scarlatti-lettere-amorose-2003-god.html

Cecilia Bartoli "The Vivaldi Album"

Официальный сайт здесь
Дополнительно здесь

Список композиций:
01 Dell'aura al sussurrar 00:02:04
02 Dopo un'orrida procella 00:04:12
03 Di due rai languir costante 00:05:20
04 Qual favellar 00:03:01
05 Zeffiretti, che sussurrate 00:07:44
06 Alma oppressa 00:05:46
07 Dite oime 00:03:07
08 Sventurata navicella 00:02:01
09 Ho nel petto un cor si forte 00:08:22
10 Tra le follie Siam navi all'onde algenti 00:06:49
11 Gelido in ogni vena 00:11:09
12 Anch'il mar par che sommerga 00:04:02
13 Di trombe guerriere 00:02:58

Общее время: 01:06:35

mp3, 224 kbps, CBR, RAR - 110,3 МБ
  Стиль: Классическая опера
Вокал: Женский
Язык: Итальянский
В архиве содержится информация для восстановления

Скачать 1

Скачать 2

источник-  http://muzon.org/music/simfonia/opera/2926-the-vivaldi-album-1999-god.html

Sergei Kuriokhin - "Don Carlos" - 1986

Сергей Курёхин - "Дон Карлос" - 1986
Sergei Kuriokhin - "Don Carlos" - 1986
An Attempt at The First Soviet Jazz Opera
Russian | EAC/CD Image | Flac+Log+Cue | Covers | 258 MB

Track list:
1. Libretto(in Russian) Либретто
2. An Attempt at The First Soviet Jazz Opera Попытка первой советской джазовой оперы
3. Encore Бис


part - 1
part - 2
part - 3

источник - http://avaxhome.ws/music/jazz/free_jazz/AnAttemptatTheFirstSovietJazzOpera.html

Puccini : Madama Butterfly (video)

Teatro alla Scala, Milano [1986]

XviD | 1,36 GB | 2:22 | couleur | Italien | 1170 kb/s | 560 x 448 | Audio : MPEG stereo, 48,000 Hz 192 kb/s |
RAR Recovery 4% | sous-titres français

Teatro alla Scala, Milano [1986]

Réalisateurs : Derek Bailey - Keita Asari
Acteurs : Hak-Nam Kim - Yasuko Hayashi - Peter Dvorsky - Giorgio Zancanaro
Chorus and Orchestra of Teatro Alla Scala, Milan.
Dir : Lorin MAAZEL

'Madama Butterfly' is one of the most-performed stage works in the world and is considered the pivotal opera of Puccini's career. This exquisite and highly acclaimed production from La Scala presents the tragic tale of a woman's relentless struggle within a traditionally conformist society and a loveless marriage. Japanese director Keita Asari cast two of the Far East's leading singers in the coveted female roles and collaborated with Japanese specialists on lighting, choreography and design. The result is a uniquely stylized and authentic production, subdued like an Oriental watercolor on a silk canvas, beautifully bringing to life Madama Butterfly's metamorphosis. Lorin Maazel conducts the Chorus and Orchestra of Teatro Alla Scala, Milan.

Nagasaki, 1904. Un jeune officier Américain de passage, B.F. Pinkerton épouse une geisha, Madama Butterfly (en japonais italianisé Ciocio-san, soit Madame Papillon). Simple divertissement exotique pour lui, le mariage est pris très au sérieux par la jeune Japonaise. Après la cérémonie et après lui avoir fait un enfant, Pinkerton repart. Espérant son retour, elle lui reste fidèle et refuse de nombreuses propositions de mariage. Trois ans plus tard, Pinkerton revient au Japon avec sa nouvelle épouse américaine. Quand Butterfly comprend la situation, elle leur abandonne son enfant et se donne la mort par jigai en se poignardant.




источник - http://avaxhome.ws/music/classical/Opera/madama_butterfly_video.html